1904 vs. 1905 Baseball Today.

The first game in the interclass baseball series, between 1904 and 1905, will be played this afternoon at 4 o'clock on the Freshman diamond, and not on Thursday as was scheduled.

The batting orders of the teams are as follows: 1904.  1905. Carpenter, l.f.  2b., Sanger Sheldon, r.f.  l.f., Mitchell Fischel, 1b.  1b., Robeson Alexander, p.  s.s., Greenough Thayer, c.  3b., Bolton Murphy, 3b.  c.f., Maguire Viaux, s.s.  r.f., Adams Dana, c.f.  p., Timmins Bennett, (Lewis), 2b.  c., Mason, (Thomas)