Political Club.

The Political Club has decided to reserve a section for its members at Mr. Jerome's talk in Sanders Theatre on May 30. Those desiring not more than three seats in this section, should notify S. N. Hinckley, 28 Randolph, before tomorrow. Seats will be issued to the University at a later date.

The following officers have been elected for next year: President, W. P. Wharton '03; vice-president, S. N. Hinckley '05; secretary and treasurer, R. A. Berby '05; executive committee, R. R. Leaycraft '05, J. A. Burgess '04; election committee, F. A. Eustis 1G., O. G. Frantz '03, R. W. Leatherbee '05, W. P. Wharton '03, A. Forbes '04.