University Crews Changed.

The settlement of the University crew order has again been postponed, and the crews rowed yesterday in new temporary orders as follows:

First--Stroke, Bullard; 7, Bancroft; 6, Shuebruk; 5, Ayer; 4, Gregg; 3, Smith; 2, Swift; bow, James; cox., Ivy.

Second--Stroke, McGrew; 7, Colby; 6, Foster; 5, Francis; 4, Derby; 3, Phillips; 2, Brownell; bow, Covel; cox., Jackson.

The crews rowed in long stretches to the Union Boat Club and back without coaching. Bullard and Bancroft exchanged seats in the first boat several times. This row was merely to get the men together in their new orders, as today there will be hard work which ought to result at least in the final selection of a stroke. Dr. Hutchinson '90 will be in Cambridge this morning, and in order that he may have a chance to see the work of the crews, they will probably row in the morning. The squad will go to New London a week from today.