Mid-Year Examinations.

Examinations begin at 9.15 a. m., except those specially announced below for 2.30 p. m. Examinations must not extend beyond three hours.

Regulations: "No student is permitted to take any books or papers into the examination room except by express direction of the instructor. No communication is permitted between students in the examination room on any subject whatever."

"A student who is not in the examination room within five minutes after the hour appointed for the examination shall not be admitted without permission of the instructor or officer in general charge of the examinations." Examinations Today. Greek A,  Sever 30 Greek BI,  Sever 29 Greek 11,  Sever 17 Class. Phil. 70,  Sever 29 German 2a,  Upper Dane German 27,  Sever 17 Scandinavian 1,  Sever 30 Comp. Lit. 3,  Sever 17 History 3,  Sever 6 History 11,  Harvard 6 Economics 7b,  Fogg Lect. Room Economics 20a,  Fogg Lect. Room Philosophy 2,  Sever 6 Philosophy 17,  Sever 29 Architecture 1a,  Lawrence 1 Music 3,  Fogg Lect. Room Mathematics 9,  Lower Mass. Mathematics 17,  Pierce 103 Engineering 1f,  Pierce 103 Chemistry 6,  Lower Mass. Mining 2,  Pierce 103 Anthropology 3,  Peabody Mus. English 35:  (Assignment of Rooms, English 35.) Allee to Pichhardt (inclusive),  Sever 5 Putnam to Wilson,  Sever 6 Chemistry 1:  (Assignment of Rooms, Chemistry 1.) Ach to Holdsworth (inclusive),  Upper Mass. Holmes to Myers (inclusive),  Lower Mass. Newhall to Thayer (inclusive),  Sever 35 Thompson to Zanetti,  Harvard 5 2.30 p. m. Geology 4:  (Assignment of Rooms, Geology 4.) Abbot to Gifford,  Upper Mass. Gilbert to Leonard,  Lower Mass. Lewis to Richardson,  Sever 35 Richmond to Skinner,  Harvard 5 Slizack to Weeks,  Harvard 6 Weil to Zimmerman,  Upper Dane Examinations Monday. Semitic 4,  Sever 17 Greek 2,  Sever 18 Greek 6,  Sever 17 Class. Phil. 66,  Sever 8 French 6,  Sever 23 French 6c,  Lawrence 1 Rom. Phil. 3,  Holden Economics 9,  Lower Mass. Philosophy 11a,  Sever 17 Mathematics 12,  Upper Dane Engineering 12c,  Pierce 202 Engineering 17a,  Pierce 202 Physics 2,  Upper Dane Chemistry 11,  Upper Dane Zoology 1,  Upper Mass. Zoology 9,  Zool. Mus. 1st fl. rm. 1 Geology 10,  Upper Mass. English 28:  (Assignment of Rooms, English 28.) Abbot to Coventry (inclusive),  Sever 29 Cropley to Hollingsworth (inclusive),  Sever 30 Holmes to Wright,  Sever 35 English 42a:  (Assignment of Rooms, English 42a.) Abbot to Fowler (inclusive),  Sever 5 Gilbert to Newburgh (inclusive),  Sever 6 Osgood to Young,  Sever 24 Philosophy 5:  (Assignment of Rooms, Philosophy 5.) Adler to Porter (inclusive),  Fogg Lecture Room Read to Zanetti,  Harvard 5 Engineering 1b:  (Assignment of Rooms, Engineering 1b.) Alden to Lyman (inclusive),  Pierce 209 McClure to Wylie,  Pierce 212 Hygiene 1:  (Assignment of Rooms, Hygiene 1.) Adams to Rich (inclusive),  Zool. Lect. Room Richards to Zimmerman,  Pierce 103 2.30 p. m. Education 2a,  Lower Mass.