Plans for Fencing Tournaments.

The first annual meeting of the Intercollegiate Fencing Association, composed of Harvard, Yale, Pennsylvania, Columbia, Cornell, Annapolis and West Point took place in New York on Saturday. Harvard was represented at the meeting by T. D. Roberts '03. It was decided to hold the annual intercollegiate tournament at the New York Athletic Club on March 27 and 28, each man on each team to fence with each man on every other team. A committee consisting of F. B. Clark of Columbia, Q. Gray of West Point and H. F. Blount of Cornell was appointed to arrange the details of the tournament.

The dates for the dual meets between the members of the association were decided as follows: February 20, Cornell vs. Harvard at Ithaca; March 4, Columbia vs. Cornell, at New York; March 11, West Point vs. Cornell, at West Point: March 20, Pennsylvania vs. Cornell, at Ithaca; February 21, West Point vs. Pennsylvania, at West Point; February 14, Columbia vs. Harvard, at Cambridge: January 10, Columbia vs. Annapolis, at Annapolis; February 28 Columbia vs. West Point, at West Point: March 27-28, intercollegiate tournament at New York. Yale will meet Columbia and Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania will meet Annapolis, but the dates have not yet been determined.