Fencing Team Plans.

After a series of bouts among the candidates for the fencing team the following squad of eleven men has been chosen to receive special instruction from Mr. Pianelli: H. W. Holmes '03, T. D. Roberts '03, H. St. Gaudens '03, J. Bryant '03, H. J. Elam 2L., H. W. Barnum 3L., A. K. Miller '06, W. M. Wright '06, R. Merrill '06 and R. E. Daniels '05. From this squad a team of three men and a substitute will be chosen to represent the University in the intercollegiate tournament to take place in New York on March 27 and 28.

After three months of constant training and instruction under the most competent teacher in the country, the material at hand should develop a remarkably strong team. Before the intercollegiate matches the strongest candidates will be tried in a dual meet with Columbia at Cambridge on February 14 and in a meet with Cornell at-Ithaca on February 20.

There will be fencing every Wednesday afternoon from 3 to 6 in the fencing room of the Gymnasium for the candidates not chosen for the University squad. Any men desiring private instruction will be given appointments in a special class under Mr. Pianelli. The Fencers' Club will hold two tournaments, one of them for novices, during the next two months.