Exhibition of War Sketches.

The College Library has just placed on exhibition in the Periodical Room of the Union a collection of war sketches, the work of Frank Vizetelly, who was artist and correspondent of the London Illustrated News during the American Civil War, serving his paper on the Confederate side. The sketches, while roughly made and often unfinished, are lively pictures of war scenes, and the artist's notes hurriedly pencilled on the back give a vivid impression of what was going on around him. These notes have been copied by typewriter, and are mounted on the margin of the sketches, so as to be easily read. A few additional sketches, so framed that the original notes can be read on the back, will be added to the collection on exhibition in a few days.

These drawings have been lately received at the Library as a gift from Colonel John Glas Sandeman, of England, to whom it was suggested that they would be of interest here by the present United States Ambassador to Germany, Charlemagne Tower, of the class of 1872.