Pennsylvania Football Situation.

It is still too early to judge definitely of the football prospects at the University of Pennsylvania, but from present indications the team will be heavier, and probably much stronger than any in recent years. Eight members of last year's team are again available, and a large squad of candidates are competing strongly for the remaining positions. Bennett, of last year's team, and Smith are now filling the fullback position, Reynolds, of the 1901 eleven, is again playing halfback, and Mitchell, Pickarkski, Metzger, Taylor, McCabe and Torrey are occupying their former places in the line. Fox, of last year's scrub, and Ziegler and Corson, are promising candidates for quarter.

Little has been done up to this time to develop team work, but as there are so many experienced players on the team, difficulty in securing this is not anticipated. The eleven is likely to be very strong in offensive play, as the backfield is unusually capable.