Princeton Outclasses Brown.

Princeton easily defeated Brown at Providence on Saturday, 29 to 0, in a game played in drizzling rain, which gave Princeton the advantage gained by a heavy team on a slippery field.

Despite their light weight, the Brown team played a strong defensive game, and in the first half held Princeton down to eleven points, five of which were scored on a drop kick by DeWitt from the 25-yard line. In the second half Princeton exhibited greater dash and team play, and scored three touchdowns. At times Brown gained effectively, and on the defense so nearly held her own that Princeton called DeWitt out of the line for frequent punts of fifty or sixty yards against the wind.

All four touchdowns were made by Foulke. Princeton's line-up follows: l.e., Davis; l.t., Cooney; l.g., Short; c., Barney; r.g., DeWitt; r.t., Reed; r.e., Crawford; q.b., Burke, Vetterlein; l.h.b., Hart; r.h.b., Foulke, Moore; f.b., McClove.