Wins Golf Championship. -- Individual Tournament Begins Today.

GARDEN CITY, L. I., Oct. 21.--The University golf team won the intercollegiate golf championship in the team match at the Garden City Golf Club today, by defeating Princeton by the score of 21 1-2 to 2 1-2. At the end of the morning round of eighteen holes Harvard had a comfortable lead of 16 1-2 points to Princeton's 0, and in the afternoon, although Princeton improved greatly, still had an advantage.

The team as a whole was in good form. W. C. Chick '05 and H. C. Egan '05 made the lowest scores of the day, the former having cards of 79 and 84, the latter 83 and 80. The totals of both were 163.

Following are the individual scores in the final round: HARVARD.  PRINCETON. Murdock, 2 1/2  Poole, Jr., 0 Chick, 9  Oliphant, 0 McBurney, 2 1/2  James, 0 Hollins, 0  Baker, 2 1/2 W. Egan, 3  Conklin, 0 H. Egan, 4 1/2  Reinhart, 0 Totals, 21 1/2  2 1/2

The qualifying round of 18 holes for the individual championship will be played this morning. Cornell has entered two representatives, R. F. Mundy and N. Mallouf, and as there are half a dozen other likely candidates, this part of the tournament should be very interesting. H. C. Egan '05 has been showing the best form during the tournament, however, and will probably win the championship.