Plans for Interclass Debates.

Unless the date of the Princeton debate, which will soon be decided upon, should render a different arrangement necessary, the series of interclass debates will be held in the second half year, probably in March. The upperclass will in each instance submit the question. Cups will be awarded to the members of winning teams, and to the man doing the best work in the final debate, the Pasteur medal will be given. Henceforth these interclass debates will assume an added importance from the fact that in the future no class except the Freshman is to be allowed to debate with another school. The Freshmen will continue to hold the annual debate with Exeter. This action abolishing the other outside class debates is designed to do away with the evil of having Harvard class teams constantly represented in the newspapers as University teams. Since these debates have been abolished, however the serious preliminary training for University debaters will be gained in the interclass debates, and the competition for places on the interclass teams should therefore be proportionately more keen.