First Meetings of Courses.

The following provisional assignment of recitation rooms indicates the places for the first meetings in elective courses of study offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. For the days and hours when the courses are given, see pamphlet entitled "Announcement of the courses of Instruction."


Students for whom any of the following courses are prescribed are required to be present at the first meetings, which will be held as follows: English A, today,  Sever 11, 1.05 p. m. English BC, tomorrow,  Sever 11, 1.30 p. m. ELECTIVE STUDIES. Semitic, all courses in Semitic Museum. Greek 3,  Sever 25 Latin 7, 11,  Sever 14 Latin 10,  Harvard 1 Classical Philology 69,  Div. Lib. 2 Comparative Philology 2,  Warren House, 2d fl. English 8a, 45,  Sever 11 English 42a,  Sever 5 English 32b,  Fogg Lect. Rm. German 20c,  Sever 2 French 8a,  Sever 23 French 12, 19,  Warren House, 1st fl. Romance Phil. 3,  Warren House 2d fl. Comp. Lit. 15, today, 9 a. m.,  Warren House, 2d fl. Slavic 4,  Sever 27 History 4, 5a,  Sever 7 History 12a,  Lower Mass. History 21,  Gore Hall History 20e,  Sever 33 Government 9,  Harvard 5 Government 5,  Sever 7 Government 8, Oct. 8, 12 m.,  Div. Lib. Government 16a,  New Lect. Hall Government 16b,  Fogg Lect. Rm. Economics 11, 15, 26,  Harvard 6 Economics 4,  Univ. 24 Economics 18,  Harvard 5 Economics 12b,  Sever 31 Economics 17,  Sever 30 Economics 21,  Harvard 5 History of Religions 1,  Sem. Mus. History of Religions 2,  Div. Lib. 4 Education, all courses in Lawrence, 2d fl. Architecture, all courses in Robinson. Music, all courses in Holden Chapel. Music 6, Consult Professor Paine. Math. 33,  Sever 3 Astronomy, all courses in the Astron. Lab. Engineering 1a,  Pierce 110 Engineering 13a,  Pierce 212 Engineering 16c,  Pierce 208 Engineering 16d, 16f,  Pierce 207 Physics B,  Jeff. Lab. 1 Physics 5,  Jeff. Lab. 25 Physics 3,  Jeff. Lab. 6 Physics 4,  Jeff. Lab. 24 Physics 10,  Jeff. Lab. 22

Botany 5, today, 3.30 p. m.  Univ. Mus. 10Botany 8,  Univ. Mus. 13AZoology 1,  Lect. Rm., Univ. Mus., 1st fl.Zoology 9,  Univ. Mus., 1st fl. 3Geology 21,  Rotch Bldg.Geology 15,  Univ. Mus., 1st fl. 1Geology 20,  Univ. Mus. 41Mineralogy 12,  U. M., Mineral. Lect. Rm.Mining and Metallurgy, all courses in Rotch Bldg.Anthropology, all courses in Peabody Mus