Appeal for Votes in New York.

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I have received a letter from a prominent member of the Citizens' Union, speaking of the close campaign now being waged in New York city between the Fusion party and Tammany, and asking Harvard men whose homes are in New York to come down and vote on election day. The letter, moreover, adds that, "the number of Harvard men would probably be small, but every vote counts."

That the situation in New York is critical, I think is undisputable. Both parties realize that a defeat this year would be a severe blow, -- the Fusion party, because the good work of the last administration would be undone; Tammany, because two defeats in succession would greatly hurt its prestige.

As the letter reads, "Every vote counts." Mon from New York who are interested in the work of the Fusion party, and appreciate the things which it has done, could not better express that appreciation than by going to New York, registering and voting. S. N. H.