Co-operative Meeting Yesterday.

The annual meeting of the participating members of the Co-operative Society was held yesterday afternoon in Lower Massachusetts. The financial report of the board of directors was discussed and accepted.

As there were no opposing nominations, the nominees of the stockholders were elected as officers for the coming year:

President, Dr. C. H. Ayres, Jr., '98; treasurer, W. M. McIanes '85; secretary, Professor J. H. Gardiner '85; stockholder to serve five years, Professor A. L. Lowell '77; directors--from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. C. L. Bouton '96; from the University at large, A. A. Ballantine '04; from the Graduate School, H. L. Blackwell 4G.; from the Law School, G. Clark 1L.; from the Medical School, Dr. W. R. Cannon '96; from the Senior class, J. A. Burgess; from the Junior class, R. H. Oveson; from the Sophomore class, C. D. Morgan.