Only Signal Work Today and Tomorrow.--Practice Yesterday Excellent.

Yesterday's practice, the last serious work in preparation for the Yale game, was unusually good and far more satisfactory than any recently held by the University eleven. The dash and fight shown in the individual play was accompanied by very marked improvement in team play. The whole work was very encouraging, and if it is an indication of what may be expected on Saturday, certainly boded well for the team's chances against Yale.

Bowditch, LeMoyne and Meier were not in the scrimmage, although all three will undoubtedly be in condition to play on Saturday. Derby took Meier's place at left tackle yesterday; he has of late been playing a fast game in that position, although only recently shifted from the second eleven. Squires was also tried at left tackle. Twenty men in all were used in the University line-up.

The scrimmage lasted for 25 minutes, and the University eleven scored three touchdowns. A touchdown was also made by the second eleven on a run by Pruyn, after a blocked kick. The University eleven kicked off to Sperry on the 20-yard line and, after an exchange of punts and a fumble by the second team, regained the ball on the second's 18-yard line. From there it was quickly carried over, Knowlton scoring.

Schoellkopf ran back the next kick-off to the 30-yard line. An exchange of punts followed and the University eleven recovered the ball on its own 37-yard line. 73 yards of straight line rushing carried the ball down the field and Nichols scored the touchdown. Soon after the kick-off the University eleven secured the ball on downs. Sugden's poor pass for a punt caused the ball to be blocked, and Pruyn getting it on the second team's 45-yard line, carried it over the goal line.

The third and last touchdown by the University eleven was scored by Goodhue after the ball had been carried near the goal line by straight rushes amounting to 67 yards.

The line-up: FIRST ELEVEN.  SECOND ELEVEN. Clothier, Burgess, l.e.  r.e., Pruyn Derby, Squires, l.t.  r.t., Davie, Carr Carroll, l.g.  r.g., Frost Parkinson, Sugden, c.  c., Carrick A. Marshall, Kidder, r.g.  l.g., McFadon Knowlton, r.t.  l.t., Pell Montgomery, r.e.  l.e., Blagden C. B. Marshall, Noyes, q.b.  q.b., Leonard, Mahoney Nichols, Goodhue, l.h.b.  r.h.b., Hurd, Snyder Hurley, Nesmith, r.h.b.  l.h.b., Gring, Morris Schoellkopf, Mills, Harrison, f.b.  f.b., Sperry

The following coaches were upon the field: J. W. Hallowell '01, J. M. Hallowell '88, E. H. Greene '02, C. A. Baruard 3L., W. C. Forbes '92, D. S. Dean '91, G. W. Bouve '98, N. W. Cabot '98, R. D. Wrenn '95, B. G. Waters '94, F. D. Cochrane '99, J. Dunlop '96, J. Lawrence '01, J. S. Lawrence '01.