Seniors vs. Juniors in the Fogg Lecture Room this Evening at 7.30 o'clock.

The first debate of the interclass series, between the Seniors and Juniors, will be held this evening in the Fogg Lecture Room at 7.30 o'clock. The subject is: "Resolved, That the following form of closure should be adopted by the Senate: (a) a motion shall be in order at any time, setting a time for voting on a bill, which motion shall be decided by two-thirds vote without debate; (b) the time for vote shall be extended if necessary, to allow every opponent of the bill so desiring to have one hour in which to state his objections to the bill." The Seniors will support the affirmative of the question and will speak in the following order: E. C. Johnson, F. W. Catlett, D. A. McCabe. J. Lebowich is the alternate. The order of the Junior speakers will be: M. M. Horblit, H. O. Ruby, I. I. Mattuck. R. P. Dietzman is the alternate. H. K. Stockton 2L., W. Catchings 3L., and F. B. Wagner 2L., will be the judges.

The Sophomore-Freshman debate will be held next Monday evening.