First Debating Team Trial.

The first trial to select the team for the debate with Yale was held in Sever 11 last night. The judges were Professor T. N. Carver, G. W. Dallinger '98, B. Wyman '96 and H. A. Yeomans '00. Thirty men spoke and the following ten were retained: T. H. Reed 2L., I. Grossman 2L., F. Q. Morton '06, F. I. Haber 1L., S. Blaikie '03, R. L. Lyman '03, E. M. Rabenold '04, A. D. Adams 2L., M. Hale '03, and F. B. Wagner 1L.

The second trial will be held next Monday when six of the ten men retained tonight will be selected for the final trial.