University Basketball Practice.

Although the University basketball team will play Cornell on Saturday night, the entire team has not played together since returning the end of last week from the games with Princeton and Columbia, and the individual work of the men is still characterized by slowness and inaccurate shooting. In the short line-up last night there was little fast teamwork and the basket throwing of almost all the men was very inaccurate. One of the worst faults of the team is a failure to advance the ball toward the opponents goal, because of a tendency to make short passes when oftentimes one long pass would place the ball in good basket-throwing distance. The team has at times shown itself capable of playing fast basketball and by hard and consistent practice from now until the close of the season the present standing of the team might be considerably raised. There are yet three games to be played by the team in the intercollegiate series, the first with Cornell in the Hemenway Gymnasium next Saturday evening and the two games with Yale on February 28 and March 6. Following is the present standing of the teams in the intercollegiate league: Played.  Won.  Lost. Yale,  4  4  0 Columbia,  6  4  2 Harvard,  5  2  3 Cornell,  3  1  2 Princeton,  4  0  4