Encouraging Basketball Work

The last practice of the basketball team before the game with Yale tomorrow evening was held in the Gymnasium last evening. Although the team has failed to develop the fast and smooth team play which might be expected at the close of the season, the work last night showed considerable improvement over the crude playing in the early part of the week. The men pass fairly well, the chiefs faults in this particular being a tendency to neglect chances for long, open throws. This fault often serves to give the opposing team time to cover thoroughly before the ball reaches the vicinity of the goal and thus makes difficult a throw which, had it been made in the first place from a distance, would have been comparatively easy. With the exception of Grant, who has been taken from the Freshman squad and is now playing right forward, the men all throw baskets poorly. Grant is accurate on basket-throwing, but is inclined to be backward in getting into the play. K. Smith has been put back at left forward where he is playing a steady game. At left guard Bigelow, who has replaced Fosdick, is playing a strong defensive game and at the same time assists well in forwarding the ball.