Several New Games Arranged.--Two with Georgetown, One with Columbia.

The University baseball schedule was made public yesterday. Twenty-eight games will be played, one more than last year. No games have been arranged with Virginia, Lehigh, Bates, Illinois and only one with Dartmouth; but the team will play Georgetown twice, Fordham, Wesleyan and Columbia. The schedule is:

April 4.--University of Maine at Cambridge.

April 7.--Trinity at Cambridge.

April 11.--Colby at Cambridge.

April 15.--Fordham at Cambridge.

April 18.--Georgetown at Washington.

April 22.--Annapolis at Annapolis.

April 23.--Annapolis at Annapolis.

April 25.--West Point at West Point.

April 28.--Exeter at Exeter.

April 30.--Amherst at Cambridge.

May 2.--Williams at Cambridge.

May 4.--Dartmouth at Hanover.

May 6.--Brown at Cambridge.

May 9.--Wesleyan at Cambridge.