Yale Letter.

Fifty-seven men responded to the call for baseball candidates about a week ago. They will be given regular work in the cage until the weather will permit out door work. Seven members of last year's team reported: Winslow, Barnwell, Chittenden, Littlefield, Cote, Metcalf and Miller. A system of inter-class games, similar to those instituted last year, is being planned by the management and it is hoped by this means to develop much good material.

At a recent meeting of the academical faculty, it was voted to amend the rule concerning disqualification. As the rule now stands, a student engaged in any athletic, literary, musical or dramatic work is not allowed to represent his class or the university, if he is under warning for low standing; but he is not required to keep the formerly required standard of 2.25 (the standard of 2.00 being the normal requirement) as has been the case heretofore.

At a meeting of the junior class Friday evening, the following juniors were elected to the editorial board of the Yale Literary Magazine: A. Gordon, F. E. Pierce, G. Chittenden, Horatio Ford, and C. S. Goodrich. At the organization of the new board, Alexander Gordon was elected chairman and Horatio Ford, business manager.