First 1906 Baseball Game.

The Freshman baseball team will play its first game of the season with the Cambridge Manual Training School, on the University diamond on Soldiers Field, this afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Freshman nine on the whole is of average ability, but little team work has been developed. the infielders and outfielders are slow, but are generally accurate in throwing; the batting of the whole team shows poor judgment. The battery candidates are fairly promising. the Manual Training School team is stronger than usual this year, and should make the game a close one, though the chances favor the Freshmen. The batting order follows: FRESHMEN.  TRAINING SCHOOL. Leonard, 2b.  3b., Woodcock, Fiske L. Grant. 3b.  l.f., Cleveland Nichols, lb.  c.f., Boyson Spencer, c.f.  s.s., Hannum Bradbury, s.s.  1b., McChrean Harrington, c.  r.f., Slocum Newhall, l.f.  2b., White Peters, r.f.  c., Parks Castle, Taylor, p.  p., Beckett

The Freshman team will be given vacation for the first days of the recess, but the entire squad will report for practice on Thursday and Friday. The team will play the Mechanics Arts High School on Saturday, April 25.