1907-1908 Class Shoot Today

The first interclass shoot, between 1907-1908, will be held on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 3.15 o'clock. Each man will shoot at 50 birds thrown from a Magau trap at unknown angles in strings of 25. The teams will be composed of five men each, and vacancies will be filled by members of the club now in the Law School.

The teams are made up as follows: 1907--F. Appleton (captain), L. Harrison, H. S. Powers, H. H. Bartlett sL., H. P. Marshall 1G.; 1908--W. T. Kissel (captain), C. L. Appleton, D. P. Starr, R. C. Foster 3L., E. G. Stillman or H. Hadden.

The Senior-Junior shoot will be held on Tuesday and the final shoot for the class championship on Friday. Both of the shoots will be at Soldiers Field.