Second Freshman Debate Trials.

The second of the series of four trials for the Freshman debating team will be held this evening at 7.15 o'clock in the Assembly Room of the Union, on the question "Resolved, That suffrage throughout the United States should be extended to women on the same terms as to men." Buckman's camp will support the affirmative and Butler's camp the negative. The speaking will be limited to twelve five-minute speeches, precedence being given to men who did not speak last week, and to men whose scores are low. This trial is of especial importance, as later trials will be open only to men who competed in the first two.

A debate with the Yale freshmen is at present being considered. Whether the University Debating Council will depart from its usual policy as to outside debates will depend, in this case, upon the number of men who come out for the present trials, and upon the character of the work done.