Contents of Current Advocate

The second number of the Advocate contains the following: "Concerning Sonnets," by H. Hagedorn, Jr., '07; "The Heel of Achilles," by W. Goodwin '07; "Mother," by H. S. Wyndham-Gittens '06; "The President's Pajamas," by H. M. B. Ogliby '07; "A Verdict Self-Imposed," by W. L. Stoddard '07; "The Boy and the Others," by V. W. Brooks '08; "Why the Lord Gerbert Hawked no More," by E.B. Sheldon '08; "Sympathy," by J. Hinckley '06; "Fortune and Men's Eyes," by W. L. Stoddard '07; "To Priscilla," by W. Goodwin '07.