Fall Baseball Practice Begun

Fall baseball work began yesterday, when forty-five men reported on Soldiers Field for the first practice. Every candidate was given a chance to play and as a result the men have now been divided into two squads, each of which will report three times a week at 2.30 o'clock.

These two squads are each to be sub-divided into two teams. The teams in each squad, will play a series of 3 out of 5 games and the winners will play 3 out of 5 games for the championship. As usual, the members of the team winning this series will be awarded cups. The squad meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday is as follows: Woodward, Smith, Marsh, Rivinius, Currier, Pope, Harding, Curry, Denny, Garfield, Powers, Janes, Boggs, Townsend, Conant, Pritchett, Barta, Watson, Bennet, Field, Starring, Goode, Pickman, Nichols, Friedman.

The Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday squad: Hartford, Beebe, Bush, Currier, Campbell, Waters, Osborne, Cravie, Furber, Warren, Pain, Miller, Ryan, Usher, Fischel, Cobb, Washburn, Harvey, Post, Chandler.