Clothing Collection This Week

The annual fall clothing collection of the Social Service Committee will be made this week beginning today. Men in each dormitory will call on all the students in their buildings sometime during the week. For the convenience of the students the names of the collectors will be published later in the week, and any man not called upon is requested to leave what he wishes to give at the room of the collector in his building. Men living in private houses who wish to give anything are requested to send word by postal to the Social Service Committee, Phillips Brooks House, in order that a wagon may be sent to their rooms. Collectors are requested to finish their work not later than Saturday night as the wagons will call at each dormitory for the collections next Monday morning. Clothing of all sorts is desired together with books and magazines for distribution in hospitals and sailors' reading rooms. The clothing collected by the Committee is sent to the Tuskegee and Hampton Institutes, the Associated Charities, poor parishes, and other philanthropic institutions in the vicinity of Boston.

D. C. Hyde '06 is chairman of the Committee.