[We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest. The CRIMSON is not, however, responsible for the sentiments expressed in such communications as may be printed.] OCTOBER 28, 1905.


The Good Government League of Cambridge would like to enlist the services of members of the University in looking up the records of candidates for office in the City of Cambridge at the coming municipal election. This work is absolutely impartial in its aim, the object being to make the voters of the city as thoroughly acquainted as possible with the qualifications of the candidates of all parties. Members of the University who regard Cambridge as their home, or who have acquired a legal residence here, may be willing to enlist in the Good Government League's work as a matter of public spirit; but all men who wish to fit themselves for effective service as citizens would find it a useful experience. Familiarity with local political conditions is not necessary; in fact, some of the best reports made for the Good Government League in former years have been prepared by men from other states, who had the advantage at the outset of complete freedom from political bias.

A meeting will be held in the Assembly Room of the Harvard Union on Wednesday evening, November 1, at 8 o'clock, at which the work of the Good Government League will be described, and the duties of volunteer workers explained. It is hoped that a large number of well-qualified men will hand in their names at the close of the meeting.   Very truly yours,   JEROME D. GREENE.