Basketball Work Begins Monday

Candidates for the University basketball team will be called out Monday, and thereafter the Gymnasium will be open until 9 o'clock every evening for regular basketball work. The first games of the season will be the interclass series, which will probably be held on December 11,12 and 14. Cups will be given to the team winning this series. The Captains of the class teams are as follows: 1906, C. E. Ware; 1907, H. L. Reed; 1908, H. V. Amberg. A temporary captain will be appointed for the Freshman team until the election of a regular captain after Christmas. There will be no Christmas trip for the University team this year and the scrub series for men who do not make the University team will be held as formerly after the mid-year period. In this series also prizes will be given to the winning team.

Under the new ruling of the Athletic Committee it is possible for the team to rejoin the Intercollegiate league, from which it withdrew last year. The modifications in the A. A. U. rules, adopted by the league in October, although not radical in character, are worthy of notice. The changes provide that dribbling the ball with two hands is no longer a foul; that the player who first touches the ball out of bounds is allowed to retain it; that there will be only one official, to be appointed by the League, instead of a referee and an umpire as in former years. In other details the league rules are practically the same as the A. A. U. rules.

Of last year's team R. F. Griffiths '06 captain, G. Burnham '07 and H. R. Snyder 1L, are eligible to play, and R.B. Gring '06 and C.W. Randall 1L., who have played in former years on the University team, are also back.