Medical School Scholarships

The Faculty of the Medical School has announced the award of scholarships as follows: the Joseph Pearson Oliver scholarship of $325, to M.J. Shaugnessy 3M.; the Issac Sweetser scholarship of $250, to E.L. Booth 2M.; the Claudius M. Jones scholarship of $250, to R.T. Congdon 3M.; two Hilton scholarships of $225, to W.A. Sawyer 4M., and A.T. Brant 3M.; the Edward M. Barringer scholarship, number two, of $200, to J.C. Sharpe 2M.; three Eveleth scholarships of $200, to C.W. Wadell 3M.; J.L. Huntington 3M., and J.P. Leake 3M.; the Alfred Hosmer Linder scholarship of $200, to H. Morrison 2M.; the Edward Wigglesworth scholarship of $200, to H.S.Befnstien 2M.; the Lucius F. Billings scholarship of $200, to D. Gregg 3M.; the John Thomson Taylor scholarship of $200, to E.D. Bond 2M.; the Orlando W. Doe Scholarship of $100, to F.H. Allen 3M.; the Charles Pratt Strong scholarship of $100, to A.H. Crosbie 4M.; the two halves, of $100 each, of an anonymous gift, to R.H. Goldthwaite 4M., and R.A. Quigley 2M., S.B.; the Cotting Gift of $125 to F.H. McCrudden 2M., S.B.