Clothing Collection This Week

The annual fail clothing collection o the Social Service committee is being made this week, and will be finished by tonight. The clothing, books and magazines secured by the collectors will be called for by a wagon Monday morning. Any men in dormitories who are not seen by a collector are requested to leave what they wish to give at the rooms of the men collecting in their buildings, a list of whom is given below. Men living in private houses, who wish to give, are asked to notify D. c. Hyde '06, Phillips Brooks House, this morning.

The following are the names and addresses of the men who are collecting in the various dormitories: Holworthy, H. B. Sawyer, No. 19, R. Withington, No.4, T. F. Savage, No.9, Hollis, B. Merrill, No.3, C. D. Davol, No.29; Stoughton, J. E. Warner, No.3, A. E. Wood, No.29; Thayer, J. R. Lazenby, No.45, F. F. Dodge, No.11 R. R. Hellman, No.33; Weld, R. H. Wiswall, No. 17, S. R. Harlow, No.40; Grays, F. S. Montgomery, No.20; Matthews, J. V. Dignowity, No.1, J. Richards, No.33; Wadsworth, C. Woodman, No.7; Beck, O. N. Shepard, No.2; Quincy, A. L. White, No.6; Hampden, F. H. Dexter, No.8; Russell, P. V. R. Ellis, No.9; Russell Annex, S. K. Becker, 28 Plympton st; Westmorly, E. J. Dives, No.1; Apley, G. L. Foote, No.4; Randolph, T. M. Claffin, No.43; Claverly, R. B. Emmons and S. Cabot, No.53; Anthrop, H. W. Durant, No.11; Ridgely, W. F. Howard, No.53; Hapgood, J. S. Irvin, No.4, J. Ritchie, No.3, Craigie, F. D. Utley, No. 204; Waverly, E. W. Carman, No.65; Trinity, D. Rosenblum, No. 6; Shepard's Block, B. M. Nussbaum, 31 Holyoke st; Drayton, M. B. Giddings, No.2; College House, E. T. Clements, No.42; Conant, W. J. O'Brien, No.9; Perkins, I. B. Joralemon, No.75; Foxcroft, W. C. Richmond, No.8; Walter Hastings, P. L. Harvie, No.2; Divinity Hall, A. Peterson, No.1; Holyoke st. houses, H. H. Sutphin, 26 Holyoke st; C. Hastings, 25 Holyoke st; Little's N. a. Randolph, No.3; Holyoke, B. W. drake, No.3; Fairfax, R. B. Goodell, No. 44; Dana Chambers, E. t. Clary, No. 21; Dunster, J. t. Houghton, No. 22; J. D. White, No.46; Red's, W. H. Dial, No.4; Mt. Auburn st. houses, E. J. Fraser-Campbell, 56 Mt. Auburn st; Ware, F. w. von Schrader, No.50; Prescott, H. Hagedorn, Jr., No.10; Brentford, J. Azarian, No.3; Prescott st. houses, W. R. Brown, 96 Prescott st; Oxford st. houses, W. H. Wilms, 69, Oxford st.; Kirkland st. houses, R. E. McMath, 68 Kirkland st.