Gymnastic Exhibition at Exeter

The University gymnastic team gave an exhibition at Exeter, N. B., in the academy gymnasium on Saturday evening. As no Exeter men took part there was no competition. Captain Woodbur and Evans, captain of last year's team, excelled on the parallel bars. Pouleur and Boughten did some remarkable dandle tumbling.

The program was a follows side horse. G. F. Evans 1G., P. R. Carpenter '07, C. A. Weedbury '07, double tumbling. W. A. Boughten '07, P. R. Carpenter '07, A. L. Peuleur sS: single tumbling, H.H. Coryell 2G., S. E. Goodwin '07. A. K. Poulear sS,; horizontal bar, G. F. Evans 1G., C. A. Woodbary '06.