B. A. A. Meet.

In the handicap track meet of the Boston Athletic Association at Mechanics Hall last Saturday night Harvard was beaten in the relay races both by Yale and by the University of Pennsylvania. In the former race the time of 7 minutes 13 3-5 seconds made by the Yale team was nearly a minute under last year's time and established a new track record. Yale took the lead from the start and gradually increased it from ten yards at the end of the first relay to almost three-quarters of a lap at the finish. The race with Pennsylvania was closer. By the end of the second relay Harvard was about seven yards behind and the last two men were unable to cut down this lead, the last Pennsylvania runner, Taylor, finishing about eight yards ahead of Dives. In the individual contests J. S. Bell sC. and A. C. Cronin '07 secured second and third places, respectively, for the University in the 40-yard dash and O. F. Rogers '08 finished third in the 45-yard high hurdle race.

In the preliminary class relay races 1905 won from 1906 and 1907 from 1908. In the final race, which was very close most of the time, 1907 won by about ten yards.