Basketball With M. I. T.

The University basketball team will play the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this evening in the latter's gymnasium on Exeter street at 8.30 o'clock. On January 12 Harvard defeated Technology at Cambridge by the score of 20 to 14, but, as several substitutes will probably be played tonight on account of the University team's hard game on Saturday, a fairly close contest is expected.

The probable line-up will be: HARVARD.  TECHNOLOGY. Henderson, l.f.  r.f., Mathleson Murray, r.f.  l.f., Blake Snyder, c.  c., Wentworth Griffiths, l.g.  r.g., Wiggins Burnham, r.g.  l.g., Burleigh

At 7.45 immediately before the University game the second team will play the Technology second five.