New Addresses of Men in Thayer.

Following is a list of the present addresses of men whose rooms in Thayer Hall were damaged by the fire on Wednesday:

C. Benton and S. E. Brown, from Thayer 45 to Conant 39; R. D. and H. L. Murphy, from Thayer 46 to Conant 16; P. R. Amidon and E. L. Thompson, from Thayer 47 to Holyoke 1; G. A. Seabury, from Thayer 48 to Holyoke 18; H. A. Osgood, from Thayer 49 to Conant 7; E. D. Gardner, Thayer 51, new address unknown; L. R. Ach and A. J. Lehman, from Thayer 52 to Conant 32; L. K. Clark and F. Shurtleff, from Thayer 54 to Conant 34; F. F. Dodge and N. B. Groton, from Thayer 55 to Conant 35; E. L. Grant and A. H. Sharon, from Thayer 56 to Walter Hastings 33; C. Almy, Jr., and J. B. Marsh, from Thayer 57 to 147 Brattle street; F. A. Kesselhuth and F. U. Humbert from Thayer 58 to Conant 29; F. M. Howes and E. L. Young, from Thayer 60 to Conant 48; R. M. Gallagher and E. Gifford, from Thayer 61 to Conant 36; M. Murray from Thayer 62 to Conant 24; J. H. Stannard and R. I. Underhill, from Thayer 63 to Conant 44; F. M. Wright and C. Kempner, from Thayer 64 to Conant 40; G. W. Haigh and G. L. Austin, from Thayer 65 to Conant 43; C. L. Furber and G. W. Grover, from Thayer 66 to Hoyloke 50; H. G. Prall and W. Lilly, from Thayer 67 to Walter Hastings 49; J. R. Lazenby and A. Hamilton, from Thayer 68 to Conant 28.