Installation of Fire Apparatus.

During the past week the rope fire escapes which were in all the bed-rooms above the first floor in Matthews, Weld, and Holyoke House have been replaced by new ones of the same pattern, but with heavier ropes. This work of changing the fire escapes in every bedroom above the first floor in all dormitories owned by the University will be continued as fast as the new ones ordered are received.

Twenty-five new Badger fire extinguishers have recently been installed in buildings of the University as follows: one in the office of the Hemenway Gymnasium; one in the professor's coat room and one in the basement of Gore Hall; one on the first floor, one on the second floor, and one on the third floor, in the halls, of Boylston Hall; one on the second and another on the fourth floor of Holyoke House; one in Upper Dane and one in the Bursar's Office in Dane Hall; one on the third floor of the north entry of Matthews; one in the Janitor's Office in Massachusetts; one on the second floor in the north entry of both Hollis and Stoughton; one on each stairway between the second and third floors of Holworthy; one in the second-floor, hall of Foxcroft; one at the third floor on each stairway in Divinity; one in the hall on the first floor of the Divinity Hall Library: one in the second-floor hall of Gannett House; one on the second and one on the third floor, in the halls, of College House, and another on the north stairway between the second and third floors.

Twenty-five more of these fire extinguishers have been ordered, and will be placed in the various buildings belonging to the University as soon as they are received.