M. Millet on "France en Algerie."

M. Rene Millet gave the sixth of the Cercle Francais lectures yesterday afternoon in Sanders Theatre on "La France on Algerie. Le probleme de la colonisation mixte. Erreurs et Tatonnements."

After making a short sketch of the life along the coast of the Mediterranean between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, the period in which the Barbary pirates were most active, M. Millet described Algiers-its soil, climate, productions and inhabitants. France had a long and difficult struggle before it conquered this barbarous country, and after finally subduing it, was confronted with the puzzling problem of conciliating two widely different races, the conquered and the conquerors. In the beginning, many mistakes were made, but the general condition of the country is steadily improving and the natives show by their increase in numbers and wealth, that they are not dissatisfied with the government of France. At the close of the lecture many interesting stereopticon views of Northern Africa were shown.