Track Plans Outlined at Meeting

A meeting of the track squad was held in the Game Room of the Union last night at which Mr. Lathrop outlined the work of the season and explained the system of training which he wishes the men to adopt. He pointed out that it is of the utmost importance for every man to have individual coaching, but that this will be impossible if nearly the whole squad reports as heretofore in the afternoon. Regular times at which each squad is to report have therefore been arranged as follows: from 10 to 11, beginners in the weight events; from 11 to 12.30, high-jumpers, broad-jumpers and pole-vaulters; from 3 to 3.30, sprinting squads--candidates for the 100, 220 and 440-yard dashes; from 4 to 5, half-milers, milers, two-milers and hurdlers; and from 5 to 6, hammer-throwers. These hours, however, are only provisional, for if a man has engagements which regularly conflict with the hour when his squad reports, he may arrange to come out at any other time.

All men should report today regardless of weather conditions.

The judges at the second trials for the Yale debate will be Professor I. L. Winter, Professor G. P. Baker Mr. LuV. Lyman, the Hon, A. P. Stone, and the Hon. A. S. Hayes, who will coach the team.