1908 Baseball vs. Yale 1908 Today

The Freshman baseball team will play its first game with the Yale freshmen this afternoon at New Haven.

The chief weakness of the Freshman team is its weak hitting and careless base-running. A steady improvement has been shown in fielding, although it is still somewhat erratic. The team will be severely crippled by the loss of Lovering, the catcher, who had a finger split open in the game with Milton Academy last Wednesday. Last Saturday afternoon the Yale freshmen defeated the Princeton freshmen in a 10-inning game by the score of 8 to 7. The Brown freshmen, who defeated the Freshmen last Monday by the score of 7 to 4 have been defeated by the Yale freshmen by the score of 5 to 3. In that game, however, the Brown freshmen completely out batted and out fielded the Yale team and would have won but for an inability to bunch hits. Andover easily defeated the Yale freshmen by the score of 14 to 4, but only defeated the Harvard Freshmen by the score of 2 to 1, the latter losing two runs through stupid base-running. The game today should be close, but the chances are in favor of the Freshmen.

The batting order today: HARVARD 1908.  YALE 1908. Wendell, c.  r.f. Lang Fischel, c.f.  s.s., Dives Stephenson, lb.  2b., Madden Ware, l.f.  l.f., Marshall Pritchett, s.s.  3b., Stauley Thomas, 3b.  lb., Lyon Pounds, r.f.  c.f., Cleveland McNeil, 2b.  c., Spaulding Lincoln, p.  p., Whitaker