Statement of Trophy Room Committee.

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The Trophy Room Committee has applied for and received from the Athletic Committee the sum of $250 towards the removal of the trophies from the Gymnasium to the north room in the Union. It has seemed wise to the Trophy Room Committee to expend this sum for a new case for the cups, which is an absolute necessity, if the new trophy room is to look well. Besides this new case for the cups, however, a number of other small things will have to be done; chief among which are the removal and restraining of the present baseball case, the removal and re-hanging of the flags, the removal and re-framing of the pictures, the purchase of the pictures of certain past teams, whose photographs were never placed in the Trophy Room, and the polishing and cleaning of the cups. These various items will probably cost about $150. Do you think that sum could be raised among the undergraduates during the next week or ten days?

We expect to get work on the new Trophy Room started (hanging pictures, putting up flags, etc.) in a week. If the $150 can be raised by the end of the year, work can be begun on the case at once. If not, we shall have to let the case go over till next year, and trust to luck for getting it the, while we shall spend a part of the $250 at present in our hands for the purpose of doing the various odd jobs referred to above. Yours very truly,   R. B. MERRIMAN,   F. R. APPLETON, JR.   For the Committee.