Opening of Agassiz House

On Monday, June 19, the auditorium of the recently completed Elizabeth Agassiz House at Radcliffe, will be opened with a play by Miss Josephine Preston Peabody, entitled "Marlowe." Three performances will be given; on Monday and Tuesday evenings at 8 o'clock, and on Tuesday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock.

"Marlowe," which will be presented under the auspices of the President and Council of Radcliffe College, was written by Miss Peabody, a Radcliffe graduate, in 1901, and has been extremely well received as a reading play, but it has never been acted. It is a five-act drama in verse, which makes ingenious use of the meagre historical facts concerning Marlowe's life. The conflicting elements of his character are cleverly reconciled and his death, the circumstances of which have always been obscure, is skillfully accounted for. The women's parts in the presentation will be taken by Radcliffe graduates, and the men's parts by Harvard graduates and undergraduates. The proceeds will be devoted to equipping the Agassiz House.

Seats, price $1.50 for the floor and $1.00 for the balcony, may be obtained by application to Miss C. L. Humphreys, Radcliffe College. Applications must be accompanied by stamped and addressed envelopes. No seats will be sent out before June 14, and all seats remaining after that date will be placed on sale at Sever's.