Provisional Parts for Greek Play

As a result of the second trial, held yesterday afternoon, candidates for parts in the "Agamemnon" of Aeschylus, the Greek play to be given by the Department of the Classics in June, 1906, are being considered provisionally in the following order: Agamemnon--P. H. Noyes '06; Clytaemestra--H. S. Wyndham-Gittens '06, R. A. Moore '05; Cassandra--A. S. A. Brady '08, H. G. Beyer, Jr., '06; Aegisthus--A. L. Benshimol '07, L. Carroll '06; watchman--B. H. Gordon '08, M. C. Clapp '07; herald--D. Gardiner '07; coryphaeus--H. C. Washburn '06, W. H. Freeman '06, A. L. Benshimol '07, C. W. Cate '07.

Candidates for the part of coryphaeus will shortly be given a trial of their singing voices. In case two candidates are ultimately accepted for one part they will probably alternate at the public performances. Candidates for the chorus should hand their names at once to any member of the committee--Professors H. W. Smyth, C. B. Gulick and W. F. Harris.