The Pop Concert

Following is the program for the Pop Concert at Symphony Hall this evening: 1.March, "Bless Bess,"  Strube 2.  Waltz, "I Love You,"  Waldteufel 3.  Selection, "Prince of Pilsen,"  Luders 4.  a "Prexy for Aye."   b "On Rogers Steps."   c "Take Me Back to Tech." 5.  College overture,  Moses 6.  a "Restrospection."   b "The Best School of All." 7.  Overture, "Pique Dame,"  Suppe 8.  a "The Janitors' Union." b "The Stein Song,"  Bullard, Tech '87 9.  Overture, "Orpheus,"  Offenbach 10.  Selection, "Yankee Consul,"  Robyn 11.  Waltz, "Grubenlichter,"  Zeller 12.  March, "Hussar Drill,"  Zach