Meeting of Overseers

At a meeting of the Board of Overseers held yesterday it was voted to concur with the Corporation in the following appointments: Member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences from September 1, 1905--J. D. Greene '96; members of the Council of the Library for three years from January 1, 1906--C. E. Norton '46, C. H. Toy h. '04, W. M. Davis '69, Charles Gross h. '01, M. H. Morgan '81 and G. L. Kittredge '82; professor of English from September 1, 1903--W. A. Neilson, Ph. D. Dr. Neilson received the degree of A. M. from the University of Edinburgh in 1891; that of Ph. D. in philosophy from Harvard in 1898. He was instructor in English in the University until two years ago. Since then he has been adjunct professor of English at Columbia University.

It was also voted to concur with the Corporation in establishing the professorship of the history of German culture. At the meeting the annual reports of the president and treasurer of the Board were presented.