Novice Fencing Tournament

The closed novice fencing tournament, held last evening in the fencing room in the basement of the Gymnasium was won by L. P. Soule '06. C. H. Toll 2G., won second place, and S. A. Eiseman '07 third. There were eight entries in all, and the first round resulted in the elimination of four of these; the remaining four then fenced a round robin. The best match of the evening was between Toll and Eiseman, who had to fence two extra minutes before the judges were able to give a decision.

The following judged: H. W. Holmes '03, A. Tyng '04, H. A. Hirsch 2L., W. L. Bowman 2L., W. MacLeod sL., W. F. Low, Jr., '07, R. E. Gish '07.