By Score of 36 to 8.--Excelled Princeton in Team Play and Defensive Work.

The University basketball team defeated Princeton in the Gymnasium on Saturday afternoon by a score of 36 to 8. Both teams played the fastest game seen in the Gymnasium this year, but Harvard won by better team play and stronger defense. In all departments of the game the University team should the good effects of the week's practice. The trick formation from the toss-up worked well, and of the easy opportunities to score thus offered the University players took advantage. In passing and dribbling the work was fast and sure, while the defense was unusually strong. The tendency to slacken play towards the end, however, was still evident, as Princeton was able to score two baskets from the floor in the last three minutes. Captain Griffiths played the best game for the University, his fast work in dribbling and passing completely baffling Princeton's defense. Amberg played a strong game at centre, and was very accurate in his shooting. The Princeton team was handicapped by the loss of its captain, Vanderbilt, who was injured in the game with Yale on Friday.

Harvard scored several baskets in quick succession at the beginning of the game, by fast passing and good shooting. Princeton followed with one good shot from the floor, the only successful basket until near the end of the second half. The score, which was 23 to 3 at the end of the first half, fairly indicates the comparative showing of the two teams.

In the second half the University team slackened play considerably, and lost several good chances to score, while Princeton took advantage of the weakened defense.

The summary: HARVARD.  PRINCETON. Broun, Brooks, r.f.  r.f., McLean Quigley, Kempner, i.r.  r.f., Elliot, Kahler Amberg, c.  c., Clark Griffiths, capt., r.g.,  l.g., Fish Burnham, l.g.,  r.g., Halliday

Score--Harvard, 36; Princeton, 8. Baskets from floor--Amberg 6, Criffiths 5, Quigley 3, Burnhom 2, Broun, Halliday, McLean, Clark. Baskets on fouls--Griffiths 2, McLean 2. Fouls called--on Harvard, 6; on Princeton, 9. Referee--W. N. Knox, Everett Y. M. C. A. Time-keepers--E. L. Grant '06; O. K. Vanderbilt, Princeton. Time--20-minute halves.

The standing of the teams in the intercollegiate league at the present time is: Played.  Won.  Lost.  Percentage. Columbia  3  3  0  1.000 Yale  1  1  0  1.000 Pennsylvania  4  3  1  .750 Harvard  3  2  1  .666 Cornell  3  0  3  .000 Princeton  4  0  4  .000