Philadelphia Harvard Club Dinner

At the annual dinner of the Philadelphia Harvard Club, held Saturday evening in Philadelphia, Professor A. L. Lowell '77 and A. A. Ballantine 2L, spoke for the University. Professor Lowell during the course of the speech said:

"The recent order issued by our esteemed president abolishing the game of football was not intended to be carried out to the letter, but rather to serve as a warning to the students that they should be more careful in future games."

"While a feeling of rivalry must exist to bring out the best ability of every player, there is no reason for the brutality which has marred many games played upon the athletic fields of the larger educational institutions. Let the players remember that they are friends and obviate the objectionable features. If they do this, Harvard will continue to foster the game and be one of its patrons. Otherwise, it must eventually be abolished from the list of games played among our universities."