Special Clothing Collection

The Social Service Committee will make a special collection next week, to secure any clothing, books or magazines that men who intend to leave the University at the end of the first half-year may wish to give. Any men about to leave Cambridge who have clothing of any sort, in condition to be serviceable, which they do not wish to take with them, are requested to send word at once by postal card to D. C. Hyde, Phillips Brooks House, giving address and time at which the clothing may be called for Books and magazines can also be used. The Committee's wagon will call for any articles men may wish to give.

The clothing received in this way will be used to fill emergency calls from the charitable institutions of Cambridge and Boston. The books and magazines will be sent to ships and hospitals.

Men who expect to remain in the University throughout the year are asked to keep their cast-off clothing until the regular spring collection, which will be taken in April or May.