Chess Team for Dual Match Chosen

The eleven men, who will constitute the University team for the dual chess match with Yale on Friday evening at New Haven, have been selected, on the basis of the tournament which was finished on Saturday. The men chosen are as follows: E. Q. Abbot 1L., Q. A. Brackett '06, captain; C. T. Bredrick '08, J. Clark 1L., M. A. Driscoll 1L., E. H. Gruening 1G., M. V. Hitt '09, K. S. Johnson '07, C. C. Read '08, D. Rines '07, F. D. Utley '08. The order in which the men are to play will not be decided until the day of the match. C. C. Read '08 and E. Q. Abbott 1L will play a match to decide which shall hold the last position on the team, the loser being first substitute.