Fellowship and Scholarship Awards

The following fellowships and scholarships for 1906-07 have been awarded: Henry Bromfield Rogers Memorial Fellowship, C. E. Persons 2G.; John Harvard Fellowship, A. M. Thompson 4G.; Special Scholarship in Education, W. W. Silver 2G.; University Scholarships, R. H. Lord 1G.; E. E. Greenwood 1G.; E. P. Frost 1G., A. Caldwell 2G., E. J. Cardarelli '09, E. I. Terry '07; L. Saltonstall Scholarship, R. M. Gummere 4G.; Derby Scholarship, H. G. Leach 2G.; Gorham Thomas Scholarship, R. H. Webb 1G.; Austin Scholarship for Teachers, A. G. Reed 1G.; Thayer Scholarships, P. A. Martin 2G., R. O. Busey 2G.; Eveleth Scholarship, E. L. Derby, Jr., '09.